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package irc_test
import (
type packetTestRow struct {
Data string
Kind string
Verb string
Args []string
Text string
Tags map[string]string
var packetTestTable = []packetTestRow{
{":test.server PING Test", "packet", "PING", []string{"Test"}, "", map[string]string{}},
{":test.server PING :Test", "packet", "PING", []string{}, "Test", map[string]string{}},
{":Test2!test@test.example.com PRIVMSG Tester :\x01ACTION hello to you.\x01", "ctcp", "ACTION", []string{"Tester"}, "hello to you.", map[string]string{}},
func TestParsePacket(t *testing.T) {
for _, row := range packetTestTable {
t.Run(row.Data, func(t *testing.T) {
event, err := irc.ParsePacket(row.Data)
if err != nil {
t.Error("Parse Failed", err)
assert.Equal(t, row.Kind, event.Kind(), "kind")
assert.Equal(t, row.Verb, event.Verb(), "kind")
assert.Equal(t, row.Args, event.Args, "kind")
assert.Equal(t, row.Text, event.Text, "kind")