The frontend/UI server, written in JS using the MarkoJS library
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Gisle Aune 2c7ba6df1d Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git:// 9 months ago
data fix files page not working when logged out. 1 year ago
logs logs: Added default limit that's cleared by adding a filter or clicking show more at the bottom. 3 years ago
logs-content logs, logs-content: Added basic view of logs and added characters to logs 3 years ago
story story: Added view of own unlisted stories. 3 years ago
story-content story-content: Added edit story modal, added toggle component. 3 years ago
auth.js the last few things. 1 year ago
globalcss.js server: Integrated @marko/prebuild, and added workaround for global css issue. 3 years ago
graphql.js UI for file stuff. 2 years ago